Orange Zoisite 0.902ct Ruth (Orange Tanzanite)

Zoisite comes in a wide variety of colors. It was named after Slovenian mineral collector Zygmunt Zois. Tanzanite is actually a type of zoisite. Like tanzanite, it is an attractive gemstone that is pleochroic, appearing as a different color depending on the viewing angle. As orange zoisite, it is a large grain size close to 1 ct and has a low distribution volume. A rare stone with a color similar to padparadscha sapphire. The common name is also called orange tanzanite.

・Type: Loose (natural stone)
・Stone name: Orange Zoisite
・Weight: 0.902ct
・Scratch/chip: S
・Inclusion: S
・Accessories: Karatz quality guarantee, loose case (if it doesn't fit, clear case with zip)

▷For more information about Zoisite
What kind of gemstone is zoisite? Differences with tanzanite, types and characteristics, etc.

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