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[Koshu Precious Stone Kiriko] Bicolor Fluorite 5.030ct Loose with Patch

Sale price¥49,800
Fluorite is popular among collectors because it comes in a wide variety of colors. This is a bicolor type. The Japanese name is ``fluorite,'' and its name comes from the Latin word for ``melting, flowing.'' It is said that when the stone is heated strongly, it glows blue-white. I'd like to give it a try.

This is a new Koshu precious stone Kiriko plus three bicolor fluorite by Yoichi Fukasawa, the creator of Koshu precious stone Kiriko. Click here for the interview article with Yoichi Fukasawa .

A special patch is included.

・Type: Loose (natural stone)
・Stone name: Bicolor fluorite
・Weight: 5.030ct
・Scratch/chip: S
・Inclusion: S
・Accessories: Karatz quality guarantee card, case

▷For more information about Fluorite
The appeal of fluorite | Characteristics, meaning of the name, shape of the rough stone, types, etc.

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