Padparadscha sapphires refer to sapphires that have a color that is a mixture of orange and pink.
Among sapphires, it is the second most valuable color after blue.

English name Sapphire
Japanese name Seigyoku
crystal system Hexagonal system (trigonal system)
chemical composition formula Al2O3
mohs hardness 9
specific gravity 3.99 - 4.1
refractive index 1.76 - 1.77
luster glass gloss

The color is a mixture of orange and pink, with some being more orange and others being more pink.
The color range is determined by each classification organization, and opinions may differ slightly depending on the organization.

In general, the higher the color, the more vivid the color, the higher the transparency without inclusions, scratches, or chips, the more beautiful the cut, the larger the size, the higher the value.

It is mainly produced in Sri Lanka and Madagascar.

It means "lotus flower" in Sinhala, one of Sri Lanka's first native languages.
It is said that the padparadscha sapphire was named because its color resembles that of a lotus flower.

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