Euclase has an impressive soft blue hue.
It is a gemstone that is said to be difficult to cut due to its vulnerability to impact from specific directions and strong cleavage.

English name Euclase
Japanese name Euclase
crystal system monoclinic system
chemical composition formula Be(Al,Fe) SiO4OH
mohs hardness 6.5 - 7.0
specific gravity 3.05 - 3.10
refractive index 1.65 - 1.68
luster glass gloss

Blue, green, pink, yellow, colorless, white, etc.

In general, the higher the color, the more vivid the color, the higher the transparency without inclusions, scratches, or chips, the more beautiful the cut, the larger the size, the higher the value.

The region of origin also affects the value, with Zimbabwean products being more valuable.

Pink Euclase from Brazil is also highly valuable due to its high rarity.

The main producing areas are Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe.

It is said to have the meaning "easily (Eu) breakable (Klasis)" in Greek.

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