Dendritic quartz 4 stone set

Quartz is called crystal in Japanese. It is a stone that is very familiar in Japan, but it is also a deep stone with many types such as amethyst and citrine. This dendritic quartz has a dendritic pattern inside the quartz. There are no stones with the same pattern, and this stone is sure to appeal to collectors. It's so beautiful that you can't believe it's a natural creation.

This product is an "Omakase" product in which 4 stones with different patterns are randomly selected from the loose dendritic quartz listed and sent to you. Please look forward to seeing which route will arrive♪

・Type: Loose
・Stone name: Dendritic quartz
・Weight: 2.0ctUP (2.0ct~5.0ct)
・Scratches/chips: A+ or higher ・Inclusions: -
・Accessories: Case

▷For more information about dendritic quartz
What is the picturesque world of dendritic quartz?

*You will receive 4 loose dendritic quartz stones shown in the photo. Please note that you cannot choose this item as it is an "Omakase item".

*The only accessory for this product is the case.

*We try to make sure that the colors in the photos are the same as the real thing, but the colors may look slightly different from the real thing depending on the lighting at the time of shooting and the monitor environment you are using. In addition, some photos may be taken using penlights.

*Click here for information on scratches, chips, treatments, and inclusions.

*For other frequently asked questions, please click here .

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