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[Limited 5 stones] Rare stone gacha 💎 Win Red Beryl, Alexandrite, Paraiba Tourmaline [Multiple purchase discount available]

A rare stone gacha where you can win 1 rare stone. This time,
・1 stone of red beryl from Utah, USA (Wa-Wa Mine) ・2 stones of Alexandrite from Brazil (Emerald Mine)
・2 stones of Paraiba Tourmaline (Batalha) from Brazil
You will definitely receive one of these 5 stones.
*If you purchase 1 item, you will receive 1 stone, and if you purchase 2 items, you will receive 2 stones.

《 This item is eligible for multiple purchase discount 》

Multiple Purchase Discount Corner You will receive a discount if you purchase items at the same time. You can get a discount if you purchase multiple items, but you can also get a discount if you purchase this item and other items eligible for multiple discounts. If you purchase 2 items, you will receive a 1,000 yen discount from your total, and if you purchase 3 items, you will receive a 1,500 yen discount from your total.

Quantity in stock: 5 pieces Size: Ruler photo

*It will be shipped in a loose case.

*You can order as many items as you like per person.

*All items are one-of-a-kind natural stones, so shapes and sizes may vary, as well as scratches, chips, and inclusions.

*This product does not come with a Karatz quality guarantee.

*This product cannot be returned. Any questions? Please feel free to contact us.