Limited to 5 sets: German aventurine and Afghan aventurine, loose stone set (multiple purchase discounts available)


This is a two-stone set of German awinite, which has a striking neon blue color, and Afghanistan green awinite, which has only recently appeared on the market. You will receive one of the five sets shown in the photo. All of them are carefully selected for their transparency and neon look .

This product is eligible for multiple purchase discounts .
You can get a discount by purchasing multiple items at the same time. You can get a discount by purchasing multiple items of this product, but you can also get a discount by purchasing this product together with other multiple discount items . If you purchase two items, you will get a 1,000 yen discount off the total, and if you purchase three items, you will get a 1,500 yen discount off the total.

・Type: Loose ・Stone name: Awynite & Green Awynite 2 stone set ・Size: Ruler photo ・Accessories: Case


*It will be shipped in a loose case.

*The photo is an example. We cannot accept requests for selections as the items are selected at random.

*You can order as many as you like per person.

*All pieces are unique natural stones, so they will vary in shape and size and may contain scratches, chips, and inclusions.

*This product does not come with a Caratz quality guarantee certificate.

*This product cannot be returned. If you have any questions, We accept inquiries via the following form, so please feel free to contact us.


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