[Resale] [Jeweler's tools] 4-piece set including loupe (10x magnification), tweezers, and 2 loose stones


I love jewelry and want tools to examine it, but I don't know what to buy... This jeweler's tool series was created in response to such feedback.

This magnifying glass [10x magnification] and tweezers are also used by Caratz's gem appraisers .

Until you get used to it, you may end up flipping it off when you pick it up with tweezers, but everyone will have the same experience at first.

Please enjoy using the experience as if you were purchasing as a buyer or inspecting items as an employee at a jewelry store.

As a bonus, we will send you one illusion sunstone and one rutilated quartz stone . Try practicing to get better at grasping loose pieces with tweezers and a magnifying glass. You can also enjoy inclusion.

A professional will teach you! How to use and use jewelry tools ~Gemstone appraisal loupe version~

▶ [Article]
Learn how to use a gemstone appraisal loupe like a professional and enjoy the world that spreads inside gemstones!

・1 loupe (10x magnification) ・1 tweezers ・1 illusion sunstone・1 rutilated quartz

[About the loupe]
*The screws may loosen after using the product several times, so please retighten it with a screwdriver.

*Some designs may differ.

*As this item is imported from overseas, there may be slight scratches or rust on the lens or frame. Although it does not affect what you normally see, please refrain from purchasing if you are sensitive.

*The photo is an example.
Please note that although the type of jewelry is the same, the size and shape may be different.

*Carats quality guarantee is not included with the bonus jewelry.

*For other frequently asked questions, please click here .

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