[Jeweler's Tools] White penlight (for loose), loose 3-piece set


I love jewelry and want tools to examine it, but I don't know what to buy... This jeweler's tool series was created in response to such feedback.
This time we have Labradorite, Orange Moonstone Cat's Eye, and Andesine Labradorite.
We have selected items that allow you to enjoy optical effects such as ``Labradorescence'' and ``Cat's Eye.''

There are two main types of labradorite: one that produces a scene effect, and the other that has an iridescent, sparkling effect called labradorescence. Enjoy beautiful optical effects.

Orange moonstone with a soft and gentle shine. This is called Orange Moonstone Cat's Eye because when you shine a penlight on it, you can see a line of light that looks like a cat's eye.

The iridescent light of andesine labradorite is also one of its optical effects. You can't help but stare at the fantastic light.

・Penlight 1 piece ・Labradorite 1 stone ・Orange Moonstone 1 stone ・Andesine Labradorite 1 stone ・Battery included

*The photo is an example.
Please note that although the type of jewelry is the same, the size and shape may be different.

*Carats quality guarantee is not included with the bonus jewelry.

*For other frequently asked questions, please click here .

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