Lab-grown Blue Diamond (Synthetic Blue Diamond) 0.380ct Loose (FANCY DEEP BLUE, VVS-2)

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds created using a scientific process. They have the same crystal structure of carbon atoms as natural diamonds, and their physical, chemical, and optical properties are the same as natural diamonds. They have the advantage of having less impact on the environment and less ethical issues. This is a London Blue color princess cut lab-grown diamond.

This is a 0.380ct loose lab-grown blue diamond (synthetic blue diamond) (FANCY DEEP BLUE, VVS-2). It comes with an IGI certificate.

Type: Loose (natural stone)
・Stone name: Lab-grown diamond (synthetic diamond)
Carat: 0.380ct
・Clarity: VVS-2
・Cut: -
・Size: 4.01 x 4 mm
Fluorescence: NONE

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