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[12552038] Beryl Cat's Eye 32.703ct Loose Stone

Sale price¥98,000
Many people associate beryl with emeralds and aquamarines, but yellow beryl is called yellow beryl. Enjoy the color that reminds you of ginkgo trees in autumn. This is a type that shows a cat's eye effect, and a penlight was used for the photo. The back of the stone is basically unpolished. It has high transparency and is a large gem-quality beryl cat's eye stone of 32 carats. It comes with a certificate of identification from the Japan-Germany Gemological Institute.

Type: Loose (natural stone)
・Stone name: Beryl Cat's Eye Weight: 32.703ct
・Size: 18.5×18.2mm
Shape: Round cut ・Scratches/chips: S
・Inclusions:- ·remarks:---
・Accessories: Certificate of Authenticity (Japan-Germany Gemstone Research Institute), loose case (if it does not fit, a clear zip case)

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