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[Published on 12551991] Bicolor Tanzanite 3.856ct rough stone

Sale price¥19,800
The appeal of tanzanite is its "pleochroism," which means it appears in different colors when viewed from different angles. It's never boring to watch the various blue colors, such as blue, blue-purple, and ultramarine, dancing within the stone. This is a bicolor tanzanite, in which multiple base colors can be seen. Bicolor and pleochroic is a luxury. We recommend rolling the real thing around and looking at it.

・Type: Raw stone
Stone name: Bicolor Zoisite (Bicolor Tanzanite)
Weight: 3.856ct
・Size: 11.0 x 8.8 mm
・Scratches/chips: - ・Inclusions:- ·remarks:---
・Accessories: Caratz quality guarantee, loose case (if it does not fit, a clear zip case)

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