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[12550838] Brazilian Limonite in Topaz 4.680ct Loose Stone

Sale price¥11,800
Topaz is attractive because of its wide variety of colors. Its Japanese name is "Ougyoku" (yellow jewel) because yellow was once the most common color. It is one of the gemstones that has been mined in Japan. This is a topaz that contains limonite (limonite).
When light is shone on this type, you can enjoy the rainbow-colored inclusions depending on the angle.

Type: Loose (natural stone)
Stone name: Limonite in Topaz Weight: 4.680ct
・Size: 16.6×9.6mm
Shape: Custom cut ・Scratches/chips: S
・Inclusions:- ·remarks:---
・Accessories: Caratz quality guarantee, loose case (if it does not fit, a clear zip case)

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