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Indigolite tourmaline 3.613ct loose (cat's eye) Japanese and German

Sale price¥158,000
Tourmaline is called a treasure trove of colors. Its origin is the Sinhala word ``Torumari'' which means ``various colors''. Among them, such indigo blue tourmaline is called "indigolite tourmaline". Tourmaline makes you want to have a variety of colors. Includes sorting by the Japanese and German Gem Research Institute. Depending on the angle, you can see a cat's eye.

・Type: Loose (natural stone)
・Stone name: Indigolite tourmaline
・Weight: 3.613ct
・Scratch/chip: S
・Inclusion: S
・Note: Usually heated.
*In general, indigolite tourmaline is a heated gemstone.
・Accessories: Sorting (Japan-German Gem Research Institute), loose case (if it doesn't fit, clear case with zip)

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