Diamond 4.172ct rough stone

Among the many gemstones, diamonds are a special stone. Just saying "diamond rough" brings to mind images of young, untamed talent. We don't often say "ruby rough" or "sapphire rough." Diamonds are special after all. Here is one such "diamond rough."

If you have fluorescent photos, they were taken in a darkroom with a strong black light. If you want to view the fluorescence at home, you can enjoy the beautiful fluorescence by darkening the room or covering the gemstone with the palm of your hand. This is a type of rough diamond that fluoresces when exposed to black light. We use our own black light for jewelers .

・Type: Raw stone ・Stone name: Diamond
Weight: 4.172ct
・Size: 10.4 x 7.7 mm
・Scratches/chips: - ・Inclusions:- ·remarks:---
・Accessories: Caratz quality guarantee, loose case (if it does not fit, a clear zip case)

*We try to make the colors in the photos as close as possible to the actual product, but they may look slightly different from the actual product depending on the lighting conditions at the time of shooting and the monitor environment you are using. Also, some photos may have been taken using a penlight.

*For information on scratches, chips, treatments, and inclusions, please click here .

*For other frequently asked questions, please click here .

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