Chameleon Diamond 0.186ct Loose (FANCY GRAYISH GREENISH YELLOW, SI1)

Among all the many precious stones, diamonds are one of the most special stones. Many of the famous diamond jewelry that have appeared in history entertain us with various anecdotes and legends. Chameleon diamonds are a rare type of diamond that is said to change color to lemon yellow or orange when heated at 200 to 300 degrees. If there are fluorescent photographs, they are taken in a dark room under a strong black light. If you want to view the fluorescence at home, you can enjoy the beautiful fluorescence by darkening the room or covering the jewelry with your palm.

・Type: Loose (natural stone)
・Stone name: Brown diamond
・Carat: 0.186ct
・Clarity: SI1
・Cut: - ・Fluorescence: MEDIUM YELLOW
・Accessories: Sorting (Central Gem Research Institute), Karatz quality guarantee, case

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