Medusa quartz 5.85ct loose (Paraiba quartz)

Quartz is called crystal in Japanese. It is a stone that is very familiar in Japan. This is quartz with Gilalite included. It is sometimes called Gilalite in Quartz as it is, but GIA has named it Medusa Quartz because the inclusions look like jellyfish called Medusa Jellyfish. In addition, it is a gemstone that has several common names, including the beautiful blue color reminiscent of Paraiba tourmaline, and the fact that it was produced in Paraiba state, Brazil, where Paraiba tourmaline is produced, such as "Paraiba quartz". Please enjoy the mysterious and beautiful world that spreads inside stones.

・Type: Loose (natural stone)
・Stone name: Medusa quartz
・Weight: 5.85ct
・Scratch/chip: A
・Inclusion: - ·remarks:---
・Accessories: Karatz quality guarantee card, case

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