Let's try gemstone polishing "Do-it-yourself rough stone polishing set" (for intermediate users: white labradorite)


Is there anything that you and your child can experience together that would allow you to touch and enjoy gemstones up close? This is a `` do-it-yourself rough stone polishing set '' that was born from this request.

This rough stone has a higher hardness than other rough stones, so it is recommended for adults who want to take their time and polish carefully [for intermediate users] . This is a carefully selected white labradorite of a size suitable for rough polishing so that you can fully enjoy Schiller . Also included are tools used to polish rough stones. This is a white labradorite rough stone that you can enjoy Schiller .

Since one side has already been rough-hewn , you can enjoy the difference between rough-hewn and rough-hewn . When polishing, please try polishing both sides or one side depending on your preference .

With this set, you can enjoy the rough stone polishing experience right at home.

▶Past customer's masterpieces
Here are the masterpieces of customers who have worked on polishing rough stones . Please take a look at everything from cute items that your child has worked hard to polish to items that look like the work of a professional.
* This is a work from the Karatz rough polishing contest held regularly on Twitter .

[Reference article]

Can you easily enjoy jewelry polishing at home? What is that method

Easy and fun rough stone polishing! Let's make a cabochon cut with Inca Rose!

[Reference video]
This is a video of dendritic yellow opal, but in the case of white labradorite, it takes time to polish each item one by one.

▶Rough polishing (basic edition)

▶Rough polishing (Advanced version: Cabochon cut)

▷Rough stone: 1 piece in total・White labradorite [Hardness: 6~6.5]

▷Waterproof paper: 2 sheets x 4 types
No. 600: 2 pieces
No. 1200: 2 pieces
No. 1500: 2 pieces
Number 2000: 2 pieces

▷ Board: 1 piece in total

▷Diamond file: 2 total・(White): 1 pc.(Red): 1 pc.

[Explanation of how to polish]
*Please watch the video for a more detailed explanation.

1. Soak the stone in water, then

First, polish it with a diamond file . There is no functional difference between the diamond file (white) and (red) in terms of polishing surface. (White) has a wide surface and is easy for children to use. Please use it when you want to make a large cut. (Red) is recommended when you want to carve detailed surfaces.

2. Fix the water-resistant paper in a wooden binder and polish the stone in a ``no'' shape while soaking it in water. The lower the number on the waterproof paper, the coarser the texture. Polish while changing from paper with a small number to paper with a large number (from coarse paper to fine paper).

3. Polish it to your liking and it's complete.

[Precautions when polishing]

・When sharpening, there is a risk of scratching and damaging your hand. Please be careful when polishing.

- Rinse off the abrasive that comes out while polishing with water from time to time, remove moisture with tissue or kitchen paper, etc., and check the surface being polished. If you continue polishing without rinsing with water, the polishing agent remaining on the surface may damage the surface of the jewelry. Please change the water accordingly.

*Please note that the photo is an example and you cannot choose the color or shape.

*For other frequently asked questions, please click here .


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