[On sale from 10pm on 5/23] Unheated Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline 0.057ct loose stone (CuO: 1.6%, MnO: 2.4%)


Paraiba tourmaline is attractive for its exquisite color, which is different from the blue of the sea and the blue of the sky. In Japan, it is defined as "blue to green tourmaline containing copper (regardless of origin)." It is a gemstone that has a strong popularity. This is a rare unheated one.
This is a high-quality unheated Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline with high transparency and vivid color. It is a Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline with CuO: 1.6% and MnO: 2.4%. It comes with a sorting certificate from the Japan Gem and Precious Metals Association. Since domestic appraisal agencies cannot issue unheated reports for Paraiba tourmalines of this color, the sorting certificate usually states that it is heated.

Type: Loose (natural stone)
Stone name: Unheated Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline ( Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline )
Weight: 0.057ct
・Size: 3.3 x 2.2 mm
Shape: Pear shape
・Scratches/chips: S
Inclusions: S
Note: No traces of heating were found.
・Accessories: Sorting (Jewelry and Precious Metals Association), Caratz quality guarantee, loose case (if it does not fit, a clear zippered case)

▷For more information about Paraiba Tourmaline
What is Paraiba tourmaline? What are the characteristics and value differences depending on the origin, and what is the selling price?

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